Indicative Projects


"Our Work speaks for us!!

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From 1987 til today, EMI EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING SA has developed multifaceted and multidimensional work. It has successfully implemented many projects integrated advisory strategy, reorganization and business development, business plans, technical and economic studies and research in various disciplines. In this context, the EMI has received important awards for the exceptional quality of her work and innovative work.

Indicative projects:

Management Consultant Regional Operational Programmes (ROP)
EMI has served as Management Consultant for Central Macedonia and Continental Greece, under which he managed more than 5,000 projects and contractors in 11 provinces of the country, overall economic object 300 billion drachmas. The success of the EMI in this field is demonstrated by the fact that more than offset by very goals the Ministry of Economy for absorption of funds and was rewarded for it.
Development Director of the Greek Post
EMI in cooperation with the British Post Office successfully implemented a complex task, which included the reorganization, human resource development and modernization of ELTA systems and infrastructure, as well as the design and tendering of Consulting and abundance of investment projects, with a budget of over 20 billion drachmas.

Spectrum Management Consultant
EMI in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens, as well as experts of international scope (ITU and others) has implemented the important work of the organization and support of Spectrum Management Center of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Flexible Human Resource Management in Telecommunications Systems
EMI in cooperation with British Telecom, the TeleDanmark OTE and ROMTELECOM designed a comprehensive human resources organization and management system, especially for the Telecommunications industry.

Peak Technologies in Human Resource Development
EMI led international consortium of universities from England, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Italy to implement a two innovative transnational project under the Community program LEONARDO DA VINCI. The project focused on the development and application of advanced technologies in the field of diagnosis of training needs and the provision of new skills. Under the same program, the EMI participates in ETNA Plan together with Polish and Danish MISTIA NiCon agency.

Business Development Support Foundation in Morocco
In the context of bilateral relations and financing of DAC Ministry of National Economy Program, EMI designed and implemented the project of creation of the "Foundation CGEM» Enterprise by the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises.

EMI has served as Director of OTE in the large task of reorganizing the sector of Logistics Organisation.

Barometers Great Customer Satisfaction
The EMI developed on behalf of OTE an innovative satisfaction measurement model of large customers. Also for EYDAP designed a pilot Customer Satisfaction Survey and then planned and executed the first two Barometers Customer Satisfaction.

Community Programs and Initiatives
EMI has participated either as a contractor or on behalf of its clients, in more than 20 Community Programs and Initiatives such as: PHARE, INTERREG, BRITE EURAM, CRAFT, MME, FORCE, HORIZON, PRISMA, NOW, MENTOR, RETEX, LEONARDO DA VINCI, ADAPT, EQUAL, ETNA etc